Audition for School of Rock UK Tour

  • Instructions

    All ensemble children must live within an hour of London and all musicians must be UK based.

    This form is to be filled out by a parent or guardian ONLY. Please read everything carefully. Unfortunately we are unable respond to any applications that are not suitable. Please submit your application as soon as possible – no later than 22nd October 2021. Any applications received after this date may not be considered.

    Film one video that shows us how talented you are – make sure you include everything – if you play more than one instrument we want to see it!

    Please be sure to:

    • First, start off by telling us your name, date of birth (include the year),  your height and location.
    • If you are A BOY and play guitar, piano, and/or drums, please include a video playing a brief song on your instrument of choice - pop/rock if possible, unless you’re a pianist in which case classical is great. If you play more than one of these instruments, we would like to see you as many as you'd like! If you are A GIRL and play bass guitar, drums, or a string instrument, please include a video playing a brief song - pop/rock if possible. Height and age limit: 8-12yrs and under 4’10".
    • We’d love to hear you sing 1-2 minutes of a pop/rock song either while playing your instrument, with different accompaniment, or acapella.
    • If you have footage from a recent performance where you are playing solo, we are happy to watch that.
    • Next, we’d like to see your acting. This should be a monologue or poem of your choice. If you can do an American accent we’d love to hear it, but if not you can perform in your own accent.
    • Don’t play an instrument? Don’t worry! If you sing like Beyoncé and move like Bieber, then we still want to hear from you! Please submit a song and monologue/poem as above.

    If you have any further questions please contact Children’s Casting Director Verity Naughton on

    Please read and understand the official Privacy Policy before submitting this form.

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